On Duty Concealed Carry for First Responders

“Fire and EMS first responders routinely respond to the same violent incidents that police officers do. While they typically endeavor to await the arrival of law enforcement prior to entering a known dangerous scene, they operate in an extremely dynamic field and even the most innocuous sounding “sick call” can rapidly turn into a violent incident. Currently The great State of Texas allows first responders to carry on duty but it also allows for an employer to restrict or prohibit their employees from exercising their right to carry. Most employing agencies prohibit their employees from carrying on the job for fear of liability. This concern is addressed in the language of the proposed bill.”

Firefighter and paramedic Christopher McAllister is seeking support from the 2nd amendment community. Below are links to the petition, Facebook page, and informational video. If you believe in the cause, please sign the petition. Thank you. TCHA Admin.

On Duty Concealed Carry Petition:

On Duty Concealed Carry Facebook Page:

On Duty Concealed Carry informational video: