“Owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility, from understanding and practicing basic gun safety measures, properly storing your firearm and learning how to effectively use it. Shooters of all disciplines and instructors would agree that the best way to become more proficient in using your gun is to head to a shooting range and train.

However, life sometimes gets in the way of shooters being able to get in valuable training time on the range as often as they’d like. Balancing careers, education, families and other obligations can leave little to no time to pack the range bag and head to the shooting range, especially for those who don’t have convenient or routine access to a range.

Despite these potential inconveniences, there are options for shooters to get training time in without having to hit the firing line. While there are many substitutes for true live-fire training, these tools and methods can be a great supplement in the absence of range visits.” Continue reading here.