“Newly Redesigned LTC License Card Debuts February 24, 2020

The License To Carry Handgun (LTC) card has a new look and new features, including laser engraving and a durable, tamper-resistant polycarbonate material.

The card includes laser engraving of all personal data including the black and white primary and duplicate secondary photo. The license number, name and expiration date have a raised effect you can feel as you rub your finger across the card.

Previously issued LTC cards are still valid until the expiration date listed on the card. When you renew or apply for a new license, you will receive the newly redesigned card.

Below is an example of the new LTC:

New LTC License Card

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View more details on the newly redesigned card.”


Additionally from Mike Cox, TSRA Legislative Director….

“‘All’ [the] new LTC and Drivers license’s come from a special print shop located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The security requirements in the new Id’s necessitates special processing.

So if the status of your license on the DPS page says ‘in the mail’, just chill out and be patient.”