RAI, Italian National Public Broadcasting Group traveled to San Antonio, Texas on June 11 and 12 for the filming of their program “Sette Storie” (Seven Stories).

Kari Grayson, Texas Handgun Association Member and Instructor was interviewed and will be 1 of 2 individuals featured in this documentary. Kari’s testimony and her support of Gun Rights and Self Defense is important. Kari represents many households, across America, who are law abiding pro-constitution individuals, couples, parents, business owners, and hardworking Americans. Each sympathetic when others have lost a loved one to gun violence, yet firm in their belief that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their families against lawless criminals.  Kari’s website captured the attention of Journalist’s Donatella Mulvoni and Manuela Cavalieri weeks before the interview, when Texas Constitutional Carry was still on the table for a final vote. Her website License2Kari.com, which brands Kari as a Knowledgeable Instructor and spokesperson for our Industry, was successful in gaining the attention of the two Journalists and their editor.

A Huge THANK YOU to Tony Talanco, owner, Texas Pride BBQ, Adkins, Texas. Texas Pride hosted a lunch for the segment featuring a round table discussion about our 2nd Amendment, More Education for Everyone whether they own guns or not, Safety, Gun Laws, and Responsible Gun Handling.


Participating in the Round Table Discussion and Range Shooting Session were Ken Lewis, Instructor at National Protective Services Institute, and Alison Adams, Instructor at 4Range Training. Both are Association Board Members. Also participating was Robyn Sandovol (Executive Director of A Girl and A Gun and Texas Regional Director of The DC Project), Jackie Lairmore and Brenda Rath (A Girl and A Gun Members), Angelique Salas (4A Trading and Associate of National Protective Services Institute), and Gretchen Benne (Well Armed Woman Member).

Kari stated, “We set out to share an honest opinion on why we support our Constitutional Right to Carry and the 2nd Amendment, as well as our right to protect ourselves and our families. But in the end, the Italian editors have the final decision in how they present our Pro-Gun stance, in this emotional and necessary debate”.

As an Instructor, Author of this event, and Participant I realized, we have a long way to go to Educate Everyone with the Truth, Laws, Gun Safety, and what it takes to be a responsible gun owner. WE all need to be a voice in our corner of each community. The Public’s Knowledge and Acceptance of our 2nd Amendment starts long before critical incidents occur and long before anyone steps foot on a range to train.

The Show should air in a few months. RAI can be found in multiple countries on various cable networks. We’ll announce its air dates, when we know more.