For more than 50 years, I’ve been in a job I’ve considered a calling; not a career.

Journalism has always represented the last place short of the courthouse where only one thing always mattered: facts.

As a reporter who began on a manual typewriter and now has the capability to stream live reports via smartphone, I have always held on tightly to one key belief: it is more important to be accurate than anything else. I pushed and shoved to get the best assignments, news beats or exclusives to advance my career, but the facts of every story were always more important than any career benefit.

After watching, listening and reading nearly 24 hours of “reporting” about “Remington having settled the lawsuit brought by the families of Sandy Hook victims” I am staring at a very different reality.

This latest crop of “journalists” appear more than willing to regurgitate talking points offered by groups celebrating a win over “the gun industry.” And the talking points aren’t accurate.

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