Adding Your Name to the Instructor Alpha List and Map

In order to be listed you must:
Be a current TxHGA member.
Be authorized to teach the License to Carry course.

TxHGA reserves the right to refuse to link to a page the board finds offensive, subject to an appeal to the membership.

To authorize us to add your name to the instructor alpha list and map, please either complete the online form or email/mail the following information:

  • Your business address (as a minimum, street name, city and zip code). Note: If you do not want to list your street name for Privacy concerns, then type “N/A” in the street name area.
  • Your name, the way you want it to appear.
  • Your business name and website URL address (if applicable).
  • At least one phone number, including area code, and/or email address.
  • Your instructor certificate number, for identification only. Note: This will not appear on the list.
  • Other information, such as other firearm related certifications, etc… Note: This is optional

Your listing will appear on two pages; as a balloon on the map page, and in the alpha list.

You may:

    1. Complete the online Add Your Name form.
    2. Email your information to TxHGA Admin. at
    3. Mail your information to TxHGA Admin., PO Box 161713, Austin, Texas 78716-1713

Once your information is added to both the alpha list and map, if an email address is available, you will be sent the link to the Find a LTC Instructor webpage and asked to verify the information.

If you need to update your current listing, then you can either complete the online form again, email the new information, or call 866-516-5117.

Thanks for signing up.