How can I contact the Texas Department of Public Safety's Handgun Licensing Section?

You will need to call them at 512-424-7293. 

How long is the LTC-100 and/or LTC-101 good for?

The official response from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Handgun Licensing Section is that “the LTC-100 and/or LTC-101 are good for two years from the date of the class. The application is good for one year from the date of applying. Should we receive an application and we are missing some type of document to make the application complete, we send a letter/email requesting the necessary document(s). This now starts a ninety day time frame. If the documents are not received within the ninety days, the application could be terminated and the customer would need to re-apply although the LTC-100/LTC-101 would still be good as long as it is still within the two year window.”