Texas LTC Range Timer App



Instructors…when you teach the range portion of the License to Carry (LTC) class, as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety, wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that drives you properly and legally through all the times, intervals, and shot requirements? This free app…

1) will guide you through verifying that range safety requirements are met.
2) will assist you in running the LTC course of fire line in a more uniform manner.
3) will reduce your workload and allow you to be able to spend more attention to the line of fire.
4) will give added proof that you ran the line correctly.

Students…wouldn’t it be helpful to know what the proficiency portion (course of fire), as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety, is before you take the LTC class. This free app will allow you to practice the proper times, intervals, and shot requirements.

or you can use this app with your favorite shooting partner to see how well you can still shoot the Texas License to Carry course of fire.

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