Directors and Officers

Wallace Dunn

Wallace Dunn


Wallace Dunn grew up in El Paso, Texas. While he wasn’t born in Texas, he did get here as quick as he could, at the tender age of 11 months.

Wallace joined the United States Army in 1975. While in the Army he attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, gaining certification as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. He served briefly with the Portland Police Bureau Intelligence Division. He then transferred to the Regional Organized Crime Narcotics Task Force where he was the supervisory Captain for the Intelligence Section. While in this assignment he worked closely with the United States District Attorney’s office on prosecution of many Federal drug cases. Mr. Dunn was an active member of the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, and the Western States Intelligence Network.

Mr. Dunn then served as the Operations Officer for the Oregon National Guard’s Counter-Drug Support Program. In this capacity he supported law enforcement activities throughout the State of Oregon. Wallace retired from the Army in 1997 with the rank of Captain.

He soon began a second career working in the oil fields around Odessa Texas and is a salesman for oil field companies that serve the Permian Basin area. He is a Board Member for Medical Center Health System, and the Permian Basin International Oil Show, both in Odessa, TX.

Wallace is an Instructor for Texas License to Carry, Texas School Safety Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and a Pistol Instructor certified by the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Wallace is an active member of the Texas State Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owner’s of America, Texas Gun Rights, and he is a Life Endowment member of the National Rifle Association.

David Kidder

David Kidder

Vice-President/Journal Editor/Director

David Kidder is a Texas Peace Officer with more than 40 years of service. He holds the Master Peace Officer Certification, TCOLE Instructors Certification, and TCOLE Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor’s Certification. He began his Instructor career at age 17, teaching First Aid and CPR courses for the American Red Cross. David has been triple certified in Texas as a Peace Officer, Fire Fighter, and Emergency Medical Technician. He spent 20 years instructing Texas Law Enforcement Officers in Firearms, Use of Force, Defensive Tactics and First Aid and CPR. He holds multiple Instructor as well as the Practical Pistol Coach certification through the National Rifle Association. David has held the Texas License to Carry Handgun Instructor Certification since 2013 and has instructed more than 1200 students in their LTC training. David has had a number of articles published in professional Law Enforcement Journals. He currently serves as Range Master and Lead Instructor for Bullseye Weapons and Ranges in Marshall, Texas. David is a member of the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association and has been a member of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association since 2013.

Dean McCormick

Dean McCormick


Dean McCormick was born in California in 1949, but with a Texas connection. His dad had been a dust-bowler, leaving Amarillo/Canyon in the late 1930s. He first got gunpowder in his veins from following an older cousin around on a dove hunt, escaping from a boring family picnic. First formal training was in a police-sponsored rifle club, shooting bullseye with .22 target rifles. After a couple of years with the club, he tested and qualified as an NRA assistant instructor, that being the highest rating available to a shooter under eighteen.

Dean became a CHL instructor in 1995, as part of the initial cadre, and was in on the formation of the TCHIA in 1997. He wrote a proposed draft of the original bylaws, some elements of which are still incorporated in the current document. He’s been active in small ways all through the history of the organization, but first ran and was elected to the BoD in 2007. He teaches in his living room and does the shooting at his own range, a pretty Spartan setup 300 yards from his front door. He teaches on weekends, having kept his day job, which is not shooting, police, or security-related.

He’s an NRA and TSRA member, almost an “of course.”

Larry Patterson

Larry Patterson

Membership Secretary/Director

Larry C. Patterson was born in Dallas, Texas at the old Methodist Hospital; the one that had the yellow cross on top. He has been a hunter since he was 11 and fisherman since he was 6, going out with his brother Forrest.

Larry joined the United State Marine Corps in 1968, right out of high school, and served until 1970. He then was in the reserves until he was medically retired in 1974. Larry qualified as an expert rifleman in 1969 with the M-16 at Camp Pendleton.

In 1976, Larry begin working for the Department of Defense (DoD), while working for other companies that had contracts with the government. He helped develop the air purification system used on the USS Ohio Nuclear submarine and designed the explosive bolts used to separate the solid boosters from the space shuttle; as well as worked on the B1B Bomber and the Space Shuttle Solid Propellant Boosters. Larry worked for the DoD in 1982, in research and development, on such systems as the F4, F16, B2, and F117A. He then was transferred to the Air Munitions team in 1985. At that time, Larry worked on a number of different projects, including the AGM’s Have Void, until April 1991.

After his military and DoD career, Larry built homes, worked in ambulance manufacturing, and helped manage North Texas Home Depot stores for the past two decades. He is a Founding Member of the Harley Davidson Museum and served on the Advisor Committee for Harley Davidson from 2008 to 2017. Larry was a Master Scuba instructor from 1991 to 1995, licensed under Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) and National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI).

Larry was instrumental in the design of the TCHA Challenge Coin and proposed the idea to establish a members-only membership directory. He has had a CHL (LTC) since 2009.  Larry is a Life Member of TCHA, a Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association, a Patron Life Member of NRA, Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans, and a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

Richard Buchfink

Richard Buchfink

Finance Committee/Director

1SG Richard Buchfink Graduated from Union High school in 1991 while living in Tulsa, OK. 1SG Buchfink enlisted in the U.S. Army on 22 June 1992. 1SG Buchfink served in the United States Army for 21 years and retired as a highly decorated Soldier.

Richard’s education includes a Bachelor of Science, Major: Applied Science, Concentration: Business Administration from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas and an Associates of Arts, Concentration: General Studies, from Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas.

His Certifications held are with the National Rifle Association of America as a Training Counselor, Firearms Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer and Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor. He also holds certifications with the Texas Department of Public Safety as a License To Carry a Handgun Instructor and certifications with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a Hunter/Bow Hunter Education Instructor.

Currently, he resides with his family in Weatherford, Texas continuously serving his community. Mr. Buchfink is married to the former Kelly Jenkins and has four children Chandler, McKenna, Saphira, and Gianna and enjoys running his small business Bronze Star Shooting. He is passionate about properly training others in handling firearms. His background as an Expert Marksman serves him well as a Training Counselor, and instructor focused on safety, education and skill perfection.

Bobby Clakley

Bobby Clakley

Education & Training Officer/Director

Bobby Clakley joined the United States Navy in September 1975. He was trained as an aviation ordnanceman and certified in the building of numerous types of bombs, rockets, missiles, mines as well as the twenty MM cannon. After serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Bobby was given his choice of orders and went to Millington, Tennessee. While in Tennessee, Bobby earned his Department of Defense instructor certification and began teaching multi-platform weapons systems to new recruits at the aviation ordnance school.

After retirement in 1992, he worked at the Department of Labor’s Gary Job Corps program for seven years and then went to work for the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department, where he was a juvenile detention officer working with the Intensive Supervision Probation unit. After seven years with the Travis County, Bobby moved on to work for the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as a program specialist in the certification division where he reviews fire service training and issues certifications in specific disciplines to firefighters in Texas.

Bobby currently holds Instructor II certification through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a License to Carry Instructor. In addition, he is certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Firearm Instructor and the National Rifle Association as a Basic Pistol Instructor.

Cheryl Bunyard

Cheryl Bunyard

Tac-Med Consultant/Director

Cheryl Bunyard enlisted in the United States Air Force from Columbus, Ohio in 1973 as a jet engine mechanic.  In 1975 she was selected for the prestigious award as “Airman of the Year” for the Air Force.  In 1979 she was hand-selected as a mechanic for the world famous Air Force “Thunderbirds.”  Cheryl served in Desert Storm, setting up and managing the only Air Force jet engine repair shop within the war zone.

Cheryl retired from the Air Force in 1999 in San Antonio and was immediately hired as a firefighter at Shavano Park Fire Department, where she was working part-time while still in the service.  Once the new Toyota plant opened in San Antonio, Cheryl was hired as a firefighter/paramedic where she quickly moved up the ranks to shift Captain.  Many years later Cheryl became the Assistant Fire Chief at the Bexar-Bulverde Fire Department.

Cheryl has two masters’ degrees through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She holds an instructor III certification through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection along with many other fire certifications.  Also, she has been a fire and EMS adjunct instructor for the San Antonio College First Responder Academy since 2001. 

Jamie Kidder

Jamie Kidder

Finance Committee/Recording Secretary/Director

Jamie Kidder was born in Corsicana, Texas. Jamie began her law enforcement career in 2000 as a dispatch supervisor at Red Oak Police Department. In 2009 Jamie worked as a firefighter and EMT for the White Oak VFD. In 2010 Jamie went back into law enforcement as a dispatcher for the White Oak Police Department. In 2011 Jamie attended and graduated from the East Texas Police Academy in Kilgore and volunteered as a reserve officer for the White Oak Police Department. She became a full time officer in 2013, currently working midnight patrol. Jamie has received the Dispatcher of the Year and Officer of the Year awards while at White Oak Police Department. Jamie became a NRA Instructor in 2013, a NRA Range Safety Officer in 2014, and a License to Carry Instructor in 2015. Jamie is a member of the NRA and TCHA.

Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall


Aaron Marshall has two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently a captain in the US Army Reserve. Aaron has trained with multiple weapons systems, from handguns to grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. He has been a firearms instructor, in both military and civilian contexts, for over 12 years. Aaron is the Executive Administrator for Guncraft Training Academy.

Boyd Grimes

Boyd Grimes


Boyd Grimes is a native Texan, born in Austin, raised in San Antonio, went to college in San Marcos, and currently lives in the Dallas area. He is a licensed insurance agent and the father of two grown children and the grandfather of seven delightful grandchildren. He is married and looking forward to retirement in the coming months.

Bill Titus

Bill Titus

Finance Committee Chair

Bill Titus has been a hunting and shooting enthusiast for most of his life. In addition to teaching Texas Concealed Handgun classes, he also teaches Texas Hunter Education, and is frequently found leading canoe and kayak trips on the historic Brazos river. He lives at Ropesville, near Lubbock, and teaches CHL classes in the Lubbock area and in Brownfield at Outfitter’s Supply. He is an endowment life member of the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association, as well as the Texas Concealed Handgun Association.

He retired after more than 30 years with the United Methodist Church, where he continues to work in a part-time capacity. During this time he has been a local church pastor, manager of the denomination’s area credit union, a church administrator, and an adjunct faculty member teaching Biblical literature. He holds degrees from Ottawa University (BA) and Saint Paul School of Theology (M.Th.) and has done post-graduate work in organizational administration at Emory University. He and his wife Beverly have five children, scattered from Tacoma, Washington to Clifton, Texas, as well as five grandchildren.

Larry Arnold

Larry Arnold

Public Information Officer

Larry Arnold has been shooting since he was a Boy Scout. In addition to being a Texas concealed carry instructor, he holds certification as a NRA Training Counselor, Texas Hunter Education Master Instructor and Becoming an Outdoors Woman Instructor. His military service includes four years active duty and sixteen years in the reserves as an infantry officer.

Larry’s CHL PowerPoint won a first place award in a national communications contest in 1999, and his pro-gun novel, “The Mark of Abel” has been published by Zumaya Publications.

As a writer and desktop publisher he has won many state and national awards in writing and communications contests, including several for the TCHA website. He has also published a number of newsletters for a variety of organizations. He is married, and has two grown daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter. Visit him at

Brad Tarno - Social Media Officer

Husband, Father, follower of God. I’m a gadget geek and love technology. I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 20 years where my main focus has been on building massive scale global computer networks. I spend a lot of spare time in photography and film making which allows me to share some of my favorite experiences with the world. I’m a dedicated 2A advocate and carry a handgun for personal defense on a daily basis. I’m passionate about firearm safety and training so I often do one-on-one handgun training courses that focus on proper handling, self defense techniques, and improving accuracy. I feel strongly that while it is our right as Americans to own firearms, it’s also our responsibility to be sure we properly store them, practice often, know the local laws, and follow the four universal firearms safety rules at all times.

Mollie Clakley

Mollie Clakley

Executive Director

Mollie Clakley retired from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, where she oversaw the training and testing of the fire service. She had been with the state agency for over twenty years. Mollie is a certified fire fighter, fire officer, and instructor. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Mollie is still active with the fire service acting as the Parliamentarian of the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and a commissioner with CeBar Fire Department (Travis County ESD #10).

Mollie first came to learn about the vision and importance of the Texas Handgun Association (TxHGA, formerly TCHA) through her husband, Bobby Clakley, and joined TxHGA as a concerned citizen. She began helping the board in 2012 with conference registrations and processing mail. In September 2014, after her retirement from the state, Mollie was appointed as the Executive Director of TxHGA.

Stephen Jon Moss

Stephen Jon Moss

General Counsel

Stephen Jon Moss is a recognized civil and administrative litigator with vast experience representing school districts, other governmental agencies, private individuals, insurance industry, and business clients. Stephen has worked in Texas focusing on school law, licensing, construction, property, personnel, insurance, employment, discrimination, sexual harassment, commercial transactions, utilities, tax, and related law. Mr. Moss has over 24 years of legal experience, including multiple trials and contested case hearings, and appeals. Stephen was born in Burbank, California. Stephen began shooting .22 caliber rifles at age six, and has enjoyed shooting other firearms and handguns since. Stephen served and received weapons training in the U.S. Army ROTC program. Stephen obtained his B.S. in both accounting (1987) and business administration (1986) from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and his Juris Doctorate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law (1989). Mr. Moss graduated in the top of his law school class where he was the Notes & Comments Editor of the Law Review, a Hatton W. Sumners Scholar, and a Naifeh Judicial Fellow. Mr. Moss received Am Jur Awards in complex litigation and appellate advocacy, and served on the OCU School of Law disciplinary tribunal. Stephen has legal licenses in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington D.C., the United States Fifth Circuit, the United States Military Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Indian Appeals, and the United States District Court of Texas, Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western Districts. Mr. Moss also engages in mediations and arbitrations. Mr. Moss held a trial and appellate judge appointment from the United States over civil and criminal cases arising in Indian Country within Oklahoma 1987-1988, and decided appeals from Indian Nations in the United States. Stephen is a member of the State Bar of Texas College of the State Bar, school law, administrative, and litigation sections. He is also a member of the Austin Bar Association and is active on the judicial affairs and high tech committees, has served as Chairman of the Fee Dispute Committee since 2006, and is a member of the litigation, administrative, solo, real estate, and construction law sections. Stephen enjoys golf, tennis, fencing, and other sports.

Directors' Terms of Office



Richard Buchfink
Wallace Dunn
Larry Patterson



Bobby Clakley
David Kidder
Aaron Marshall



Cheryl Bunyard
Dean McCormick
Jamie Kidder

History of Directors and Officers

A History of TxHGA Directors

Board of Directors

Jamie Kidder (2019-present)
Cheryl Bunyard (2019-present)
Richard Buchfink (2018-present)
David Kidder (2018-present)
Aaron Marshall (2018-present)
Wallace Dunn (2017-present)
Larry Patterson (2017-present)
Dean McCormick (2007-2012, 2016-present)
Bobby Clakley (2013-present)

Former Directors

Bill Titus (2008-2019)
Deborah L. Wardlaw (2016-2018)
Larry Arnold (1997-2018)
Austin Davis (2012-2018)
Robert Lovelace (2015-2017)
Rick Mackey (2008-2017)
Susie Tackett (2014-2017)
Mark Gillespie (2015-2016)
Erwin Ballarta (2010-2015)
Larry Feille (2010-2015)
Ron Ryle (2010-2014)
Mike McNeely (2008-2010)
Frank Niemiec (2008-2011)
Merle Niemiec (2008-2011)
Bruce Gilchrist (2007-2008)
Kathy Pena (2006-2008)
Antonio Orozco (2005-2008)
Bill Carr (2004)
Gene Schiller (2003-2009)
Judd M. Earley (2002-2008)
George (Bulldog) Pena (2000-2008, 2009-2014)
Matthew (Matt) Billingsley (2000-2005)
John Ridlehuber, III (2000-2007)
Chris Bird (1999-2013)
Dr. Charles C. Harris (1998-1999)
Ed Forrest (1997-2002)
Hanan Yadin (1997-1999)
Dan West (1997-2004)
Bill Slater (1997-2004)
Bruce B. McMahan (1997-2003, 2004-2006)
Karl Rehn (1997)
Elsie M. Allen (1997-1999)

A History of TxHGA Officers


Wallace Dunn (2020-Present)
Bobby Clakley (2014-2020)
Rick Mackey (2009-2014)
Chris Bird (2008-2009)
George “Bulldog” Pena (2007-2008)
John Ridlehuber, III (2004-2007)
Daniel L. (Dan) West (1997-2004)

Vice President

David Kidder (2020-Present)
Wallace Dunn (2019-2020)
Bill Titus (2014-2019)

Previously known as the Executive Vice President
Bobby Clakley (2014-2014)
George Pena (2009-2014)
Rick Mackey (2007-2009)
George (Bulldog) Pena (2004-2007)
John Ridlehuber, III (2003-2004)
William D. (Bill) Slater Jr., CPO (2000-2003)
Dr. Charles C. Harris (1998-1999)
Karl Rehn (1997)

Recording Secretary

Jamie Kidder (2018-present)
Wallace Dunn (2017-2018)
Deborah Wardlaw (2016-2017)
Dean McCormick (2014-2016)
Susie Tackett (2014-2014)
Bobby Clakley (2012-2014)

Membership Secretary

Larry Patterson (2017-present)
Susie Tackett (2014-2017)
Bill Titus (2012-2014)


Boyd Grimes (2014-Present)
Ron Ryle (2010-2014)
Merle Niemiec (2007-2010)
Kathy Pena (2005-2007)
Garry Brookman (2005-2005)
Bruce B. McMahan (1997-2005)

Education and Training Officer

Bobby Clakley (2018-present)
Austin Davis (2014-2018)

Public Information Officer

Larry Arnold (2014-present)

Tac-Med Consultant

Cheryl Bunyard (2016-present)
Rodney Jaime (2015-2016)

Social Media Officer

Brad Tarno (2020-Present)
Billy Hill (2014-2015)

Finance Committee

Bill Titus-Chair (2019-Present)
Richard Buchfink (2019-Present)
Jamie Kidder (2020-Present)
Mollie Clakley-Non Voting Ex Officio (2019-Present)
Wallace Dunn (2019-2020)

Discontinued Offices

First Vice President

This office was desolved in 2014.
Dean McCormick (2010-2014)
Frank Niemiec (2007-2010)
Gene Schiller (2004-2007)
Christopher J. (Chris) Bird (1999-2004)
Elsie M. Allen (1997-1999)

Second Vice President

This office was desolved in 2014.
Mollie Clakley (2013-2014)
Larry Feille (2010-2013)
Kathy Pena (2009-2010)
Bill Titus (2008-2009)
Ed Benyon (2007-2008)
Christopher J. (Chris) Bird (2004-2007)
Larry Arnold (1997-2004)


This office was split into Recording Secretary and Membership Secretary
Bill Titus (2009-2012)
James Zipperer (2008-2009)
Kathy Gilchrist (2007)
Kathy Pena (2004-2008)
William D. (Bill) Slater, Jr. (1997-2004)