Upcoming NRA Classes

Where: Arlington Sportsman’s Club, JSP Bldg., 11500 CR 525, Mansfield, TX 76063
Instructor: Larry Patterson, NRA Instructor
Email: Larry@Pattsfirearmacademy.com
Phone: (817) 501-3182
Website: pattsfirearmacademy.com/
Class: Basic Pistol
January 24, 2020
April 17, 2020
August 20, 2020
October 1, 2020
Class: Range Safety Officer
June 19, 2020
Class: Refuse to be a Victim
May 22, 2020
Class: Basic Rifle
March 12, 2020
June 4, 2020
September 18, 2020
Class: Home Firearm Safety
March 27, 2020
Class: Basic Shotgun
September 11, 2020



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NRA Training Counselors and other Instructor Trainers [Note: Must be a current member of TxHGA to be listed]:
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  2. Class dates and times
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Look Up Other NRA Classes

  1. Go to http://www.nrainstructors.org/search.aspx
  2. Select the desired course
  3. Select to search by zipcode or state. On the results list you can click at the top to sort by city or date.
  4. Select a class
  5. For individuals who want to become LTC instructors, select “NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course” and insure the chosen course includes both BIT and BPI.


To Find License to Carry Classes

  1. Go to https://txhga.org/texas-ltc-information/find-a-ltc-instructor/
  2. Can either expand the map to the desired location or use the Alphabetical Instructor List to search using an instructor’s name, city, phone number, etc…